Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old School Efficiency.

Over the last few weeks, I've been stewing on Old PR vs. New PR. A major concept that needs to be reviewed, unless you're already "over it," is that of efficiency in PR.
In old PRthink, standard strategy was picking the collateral item/event/outlet/etc. that would hit the most people. In this way of thinking, here's a sample - 1. People drive cars 2. People watch the Super Bowl 3. Spend millions on a whiz-bang commercial for the big game 4. Said car company crushes the competition. Oops, you had me until 4.
So, where does this thinking go wrong? The world has changed. Markets are micro. Consumers expect to be catered to as individuals. How does this apply to my company? My bosses still sweat over column inches? I'm a non-profit and I am the marketing/PR dept?
Refocusing to this laser method, as opposed to the shotgun PR style, is tough. Chances are that the shotgun method saw some results. But...the laser method has amazing potential. If you're still not sure about all this, answer this question - would you rather have 500 Superfans of your company, or 3000 people who get your newsletter?
(A big nod to Jake McKee for getting me going in this direction.)

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Leo Bottary said...

I wrote a post a few weeks ago based on an article I had read in the April 2008 edition of Harvard Business Review by Frances X. Frei. To your point, she advises businesses to ask themselves this question: "Are you trying to be all things to all people or specific things to specific people?" Great question.